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Krista was born in Munich to Ukrainian-American parents who moved the family back to suburban Detroit where she spent her youth. She studied art at Parsons in New York and completed her degree in photographic arts in London at The University of Westminster. Aesthetics were always a language she was fluent in, embracing diverse influences such as the street, religious iconography, and of course music, art and film. She applies a global lens to understanding visual codes and towards creating work that is at once timeless and unexpected, playful yet not distracting, an earthy quality with a punk ethos and a nod towards art in simultaneously classical and modern senses. Coming from a photographic and film background, she works with an overall mood and atmosphere and developing of characters within her fashion work.

In her commercial  work, a documentary approach is often needed, where the talent happen to be real people. Never made to feel artificial, their characters become heightened, camera-ready, fashion forward versions of themselves.  

Based in Europe for ten years she worked as a stylist and creative consultant for designers Marjan Pejoski and KTZ in London and Paris and Penelope’s Sphere in Berlin. Her styling resume includes editorial for publications such as Numèro, Interview, Brand Eins, The Travelers Almanac, Crush and Teeth. Her advertising clients include MTV, o2, Ford, Revlon, Ballantines, Showtime and HP.  She is currently based in Los Angeles, where she is focused on collaboration with young directors for tv and film, as well as work with young contemporary art galleries and museums.